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Hutto Wood Products NEW HU16 Mini Stationary Block Shaver
Turn loose ends into profitable shavings! Another great machine from Hutto Wood Products allows you to turn cut offs that measure 6" to 30" lengthwise and 1/2" to 6" thickness into shavings, regardless of species. Slabs and round wood are no trouble for this machine!
  • 16"x28"x3' Stationary funnel box
  • 16" spherical head for blocks or round wood
  • 30 HP motor on head
  • 10 HP Hydraulic power pack complete with 40g tank
  • Prewired - 110v control transformer with 12 vdc converter for hydraulic oil cooler
  • Machine is ready to run on arrival with 4 wire hook-up, low or high voltage 3 phase and can be converted for any country‚Äôs utility needs

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