Hutto Wood Products Chop Saw

Custom manufactured merchandiser

          Price: $30,000

2022 Hutto Wood Products Conveyors-Live Roll

Spiral roller bed for transferring, even ending, and singulating boards in on process.

          Price: $8,000

2020 Hutto Wood Products 6 Head Saw Line Trim Saw

Includes Unscrambler Infeed Deck Unscrambler Auto Loader Control Panel with Color HMI 6 Head Trim Saw

          Price: $150,000

Irvington-Moore Trim Saw

90's Model Irvington six saw trimmer, sold as is

          Price: $10,000

Real Tuff Bagging System

Includes roughly 2,300 bags

          Price: $35,000

Unknown Resaw-Band

2 head resaw

          Price: $8,000

Unknown Resaw-Band

4 head resaw

          Price: $15,000

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