2019 Hutto HU24 Shavings Mill

HU24 Demo Model, still has 1 year warranty on warrantied parts for 1 year from date of purchase.

          Price: $34,000

Hutto HU36 Shavings Mill

Includes PTO drive and tow package

          Price: $16,000

Irvington-Moore Trim Saw

90's Model Irvington six saw trimmer, sold as is

          Price: $10,000

Komatsu 45 Forklift

Still runs

          Price: $8,500

Real Tuff Industries Real Tuff Bagger Shavings Bagger

Includes roughly 25,000 bags

          Price: $25,000

1995 Taylor TEB-200S Forklift

          Price: $17,500

Unknown Conveyor Deck (Log Lumber)

Green Chain

          Price: $2,500

Verville 3 Stage Bagger Bagging System

          Price: $18,000

Yates 20-12 Planer

          Price: $15,000

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